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Program Details

In the Short Time Programs, the HRGA Staff combines all their knowledge and experience working with juniors, professionals and elite amateurs. 

The Short Time Programs are comprehensive training plans that arise from an in-depth study of each area of the game. This is the ideal model to maximize the student's golf. The work is totally personalized, understanding that each student (depending on age, talent, physique, personality and other factors) does not need the same thing. The daily work is based on a constant follow-up that covers technical instructions, physical training, mental work, course strategy, personal training plans and emotional control.

Our ultimate goal is for our students to develop their maximum potential as golfers, understanding their swing and their game and, above all, learning to train and practice to enjoy the process.

Target Audience

Children from 12 years old (with housing) or from 10 years old (without housing) and adults.


It covers all areas of the game (technical, strategic, mental, physical, fitting, schedules and complementary talks).

Trackman, Boditrak, Capto Golf, Perfect Putter, Coach's Eye

By our Fitness Coach

These cover course work, driving range, short game, putting green and skills training.

Designed by SuperSpeed and Swing Balance

Located at Orange Lake Golf Resort for indoor training.

Always setting the best possible competitive schedule in relation to the WAGR (World Amateur Golf Ranking) points.

Duration & Schedule

Short Time Programs can last from 1 week to 6 months. This proposal and the content of the training will be adapted to the time requested and the particular needs of each student.

The Short Time Program may be contracted throughout the year, except during the months of June and July, the first week of August and the last two weeks of December.


HRGA is proud to work at Orange Lake Resort ( Our training center is hard to match:


  • 2 18-hole courses - ¨The Legends¨ & ¨The Reserve¨
  • 2 executive par 3 golf courses - ¨Crane's Bend¨ &
  • 2 chipping greens
  • 2 putting greens
  • Driving Range
  • A Studio adapted for analysis with the latest technology.


Short Time Programs may include the option of separate housing (in case there is room availability in the HRGA house where Full Time Program students have priority). Please inquire about housing for women only.

It includes:

  • Lodging - Shared room in the HRGA house
  • Transfers to the HRGA academy at Orange Lake Resort
  • Accompanying tournaments organized with HRGA
  • Meals: includes breakfast, lunch and dinner at the house * (Students are responsible for any meals they may want to eat out).

The main house is located just 15 minutes from Orange Lake Golf Resort.

Our apartment is located in an open community just 3 minutes from Orange Lake Golf Resort.

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