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Program Objectives

  • Improve the sporting structure of the club through our comprehensive training program under the HRGA teaching system.
  • Achieve a leap in the quality of Club education
  • To attract long-term members through growth in the quality and quantity of minors in the club
  • Train club staff to provide excellent service to members

Pillars of the Program


SYSTEM: Work under a proven and personalized teaching system that adapts to each player of any level. Generate results in the short, medium and long term.


TOOLS: We introduce and rely on the latest technology to achieve accurate diagnoses. We teach coaches to understand and use technology to work with correct and accurate information.


TRAINING: Improve the capabilities of Club coaches using our Total Coaching approach under the HRGA methodology. The training includes our certification, theoretical presentations, practical visits, follow-ups via Zoom presentations, and periodic exams to measure and ensure progress.



  • Platform for interaction between Club, Coach and student (APP HRGA)
  • Video analysis
  • Trackman
  • Blast Motion
  • Boditrak
  • Bull 3D



1. Club and HRGA sign License Agreement

2. Certification for all Club coaches

3. Appointment of Head Coach and visit to HRGA Orlando to begin training.

4. Access to the App and teaching videos for all coaches.

5. Inaugural visit of Hernán Rey to present and start the theoretical and practical training.

6. Quarterly visits

7. Monthly zoom 

8. Annual evaluations

9. HRGA Training and Certification Diploma for all coaches participating in the program.

10. Final analysis and annual summary between HRGA, Head Coach and Club Commission.


The objective is to train coaches in order to generate sustainable sports structures in clubs and institutions in the region.
It has a 350-page book with 16 sections of coaching-related material.
8 Hours of Videos covering the Certification material in a practical and didactic way.
Supplementary videos with additional concepts and practical exercise drills
Final exam with certification diploma

Quarterly Visits* 

(*) These are 4 visits - 1 per quarter - led by the coaches listed below.

Coaches' airfare, lodging and meals are paid by the club.


* Opening * Presentation of the teaching system Powered by HRGA Schedule (schedule of visits and zooms) * Introduction to our general techniques and match ups (what do we teach and why?) * What does a class consist of? * Common mistakes


* Technique: a. Short game b. Putter * Capto Golf and the most important parameters on the green. * Putter and short game training * Equipment and fitting


* Anatomy and Biodynamics * Ball flights * The 9 steps of the swing and its checks


* Velocity and dynamic generators * Mass and pressure * Boditrak * Structure and plans of a junior school

  • The duration of the visits is 3 days (the stay can be extended if the club wishes at a preferential cost).
  • Theoretical group lectures
  • Practical activities with coaches, students and partners
  • Personal classes to members, allowing coaches to take what they have learned in the theoretical lectures to the driving range (Shadowing System).
  • General interest clinics for members and guests on fundamentals, technical concepts, general drills and the HRGA teaching system.

On Site Training*.

LOCATION: HRGA Academy, Orange Lake Resort, Kissimmee, Florida.

DURATION: 1 week of intensive training

On the visit, the Head Coach will receive: Bag of clubs, golf polo shirts and hats with the HRGA logo.

The training program includes the following activities:

  1. Work structures and teaching methodology HRGA
  2. Participation in the work rotations of the HRGA teaching system (putting, short game, full swing, fitness).
  3. Demonstration of drills and exercises for everyday work
  4. Group lectures on strategy, emotion control, improvement of training quality, among others.
  5. Field trips with HRGA coaches to understand the dynamics of on-field training.

(*) The cost of airfare, lodging and meals for coaches is paid by the club.

Monthly Zoom


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